Friday, January 27, 2012

Part3........ My family trip to KL part 1.... jadi warga kota seminggu

13 dec 2011.. Now we are in the LRT.. my childrens so excite during the trip to stesen masjid jamek... after arrived at stesen masjid jamek we take the undergrond subway (RAPID - Kelana Jaya Line).. about 10 minutes take from masjid jamek to KLCC..

Syafiqah try to focused...hihiih

safety first... syafiqah holding the bar after saw his brother hilman "jatuh tergolek" when train make a turn (ambik koner)... hahaha... hiihi

syadiyah, hilman, haznirah and naimah...


Janna Wan Muhammad said...

owh, it is very convenient to explore KL with LRT ( previously known as STAR LRT and PUTRA LRT, currently known as RapidKL), u won't get lost, u need not to search for parking space, need not to pay for tolls ...and it is fun too!

didn't u try the komuter ? ahahaha, it was an unforgettable experience too when ur traveling with small kids, and the kids didn't really like it being on the komuter far from enjoying it. It too packed! Packed with people from all sort of races wiht interesting aroma too! hahaha...

keep updating ok ! I enjoy reading your blog.It's fun, as fun as being on a LRT. :)

fairuz said...

Yes it right kak jana.

komuter?... hihii.. very miss it.. "selalu naik" when study at UITM shahAlam last time... still remember the experience go to KL with KTMB from Taiping without ticket..hihihi "penumpang Hantu"... when arrived KL take the komuter to Shah Alam..